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Help maintain your macadam surface

  1. Macadam surface can be used in most cases 1 week (subject to weather conditions) after laying, providing cares are running in a fairly straight line and not allowed to remain stationary. It is advised that cars be put into a garage or not on to a concrete surface for several days especially during hot spells. The new surface will remain `tender` for a while but will not mark if used with care.Tight turning and wheel spin (special care should be taken when reversing) can also mark and tear the surface. Do not allow petroleum products to spill onto your new macadam or asphalt surface. Materials which are hand laid have various additives in their composition which keep the material fluid whilst it is being laid. These additives can also leach onto adjacent areas (Flower beds, lawns etc) and in rare cases have been known to cause damage to plants. The plants usually revive if heavily watered to neutralize the effects. Also see item 3.
  2. High pressure points, created by chairs, tables, ladder, motocycle stands, narrow hard wheels, stiletto heals etc can cause depressions. Make sure that a board is placed under if these items are placed on the surface.
  3. Where sodium chlorate weed killer is applied to the surface and where excavation has taken place to the base, there is no guarantee that plant life will be totally eliminated. Should plant life survive the weed killer and push through the new surface, a further application will, in the majority of cases pove final. Immediate spot treatment is usually the best mehod in these circumstances. The macadam can be gently tapped back with a light hammer. It is possible that weed killer will leach onto adjacent areas especially during the rain. Should garden plants become affected by the weed killer, heavy watering will in most cases neutralise the weed killer. Because the problem, whilst rare, is virtually impossible to control, we cannot accept responsibility for replacement of any affected plants.
  4. During the first season, in cold damp weather, there is a possibility of brown discolouration of the bitumen surfacing. This is in no way harmful to the wearing qualities of the material, and disappears in due course.
  5. Unless we have been specifically requested to completely reshape particular areas before resurfacing, ruts and hollows are infilled with extra macadam and consolidated seperately if particularly bad. In consquence the compacting force of the roller varies, dependent upon the thickness of material being rolled. The unavoidable outcome of such varying compaction is the occasional slight depression showing particularly during wet weather. The British Standards Institute appreciates these and other problems whicj make it difficult to obtain perfection when hand or machine laying, and therefore lays down certain tolerances for the protection of both customer and contractor. Regular maintenance care as above, applying weed killer a couple of times a year and regular sweeping with a stiff broom will help to ensure your surface lasts for many years.

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