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Terms & Conditions of Contract

  1. The quoted prices are based on current costs and are vaid for 90 days. A new written contract would be issued if the 90 day time limit is exceeded.
  2. We reseve the right to commene work on the dates of our choosing, unless specifically requested by the customer at time of acceptance to avod certain dates that for personal or practical reasons are inconvenient.
  3. In inlement weather conditions we reserve the right to take the decison whether to continue or discontinue with the work in hand or the work to be started. We will notify you of any changes and commence work again as soon as reasonably possible.
  4. We reserve the right to postpone or refuse to carry out any part of the contract if; on reasonable grounds it is our opinion that the carrying out of such works at such time would be detrimental to satisfactory completion. We will advise you of any reasons in writing, if requested. We also reserve the right to use alternative materials, when those specified prove diffiult to obtain. In such circumstances, the customer will be fully informed in advance of any proposed changes, before any work is carried out, and a writen agreement between ourselves and the customer will be sought.
  5. After acceptance of our quotation any deviation or addition to same shall only be made in consultation with this notice and shall be subject to all the conditions contained herein. A revised quotation shall be submitted if required.
  6. Payment of account should be made by return post of invoice. No discounts allowed unless agreed on our quotation. Work requiring more than two weeks notice to complete shall be subject to interim payments, if requested. Overdue accounts will be liable to interest charge not exceeding 5% per month.
  7. Our 12 month guarantee, where applicable covers defects in materials or workmanship supplied by us. Advice on the care and maintenance of surfaces is detailed in our Hints and Tips, and it is important that this advice is followed in order to minimise recurring problems. When working on the existing surface or on areas prepared by another, we cannot accept responsibilty for abnormalitites of any kind in the foundation or the sub-base, whether they become appart during or after work has been completed. Where problems arise on work which is guaranteed, we reserve the right to make a proportional charge for any subsequent remedial work, relative to the remaining part of the guarantee. Due consideration will always be given to pertinent factors when considering such charges. If treating areas with weed killer, no guarantee can be given that this will eliminate further growth. The effectiveness of any weed killer used is specifically excluded from our guarantee.
  8. Our guarantee, where applicable does not cover damage caused by any occuring root damage after work has been completed. Any subsequent remedial work will be chargeable.
  9. Certain contracts are covered by addition terms & conditions and where applicable are attached to htis quotation. Both sets of terms & conditions will apply where appropriate.
  10. Unless otherwise agreed the above terms and conditions apply to all contracts made. Any stipulations or conditions contained in all client`s order which will conflict with any of these shall be inapplicable to any contract made unless agreed prior to acceptance. Acceptance of this quotation implies acceptance of these terms & conditions.
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