01202 624900
01202 624900

Process & FAQ's

  • Visit Website and fill in Contact Form or Phone Office on .......
  •  We will arrange a no obligation, free appointment with one of our dedicated estimating team.
  • One of our team will come out to visit you at the site of works, We will discuss your ideas and options - such as types of materials to be used and various finishes available.
  • Your estimator will return to the office and sketch a layout diagram of your planed works and calculate your quotation.
  • You will be either posted a copy of our quotation or alternatively emailed if requested.
  • If you choose to accept - Either by phone or email, we then require you to fill in form attached to bottom of quotation and send it back to us along with a 25% deposit of full amount stated on quotation.
  • Once received we will proceed in booking in your planned works - informing you of dates availbale to start.
  • Starting your Job: The team allocated to do you your job will arrive on site on the day agreed and set out completing the works.
  • Once the job has been successfully finished we will then send out a final Invoice, This is to be paid in full within 7 days of receiving it.


Things to be considered


Q. Do need any permits or permissions fron the council


Yes, You will need a permit for a dropped crossing along with a section 171  licence to work in the footway. You can access from this link, or alternatively we can arrange


01202 624900


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